From Striving to Thriving

A Network Marketing Online Course

to Help you Grow like a Pro

Stop hoping for success in network marketing and wishing things would just come together.

Brought to you by a Diamond Director and top income earner.

Start running your business like a pro and begin building an organization that can change your life forever.

I have developed a blueprint, or FRAMEWORK, as I call it, that you can use to learn the key fundamentals which will turn your network marketing efforts into an actual business. A business that runs like clockwork attracts the right people, grows effectively, and brings in the income you want — all in just 6 weeks!

From Striving to Thriving

A Network Marketing Online Course

to Help you Grow like a Pro

Stop hoping for success in network marketing and wishing things would just come together.

Brought to you by a Diamond Director and top income earner.

Start running your business like a pro and begin building an organization that can change your life forever.

I have developed a blueprint, or FRAMEWORK, as I call it, that you can use to learn the key fundamentals which will turn your network marketing efforts into an actual business. A business that runs like clockwork attracts the right people, grows effectively, and brings in the income you want — all in just 6 weeks!

You were drawn to network

marketing for a reason…

Maybe you needed an extra source of income to help you pay the bills.

Maybe you saw it as the path to the financial freedom you’ve wanted for so long.

Or maybe you were ready for a new challenge or the chance to become the leader you’ve always aspired to be.

Whatever the reason, you jumped into network marketing with both feet — swimming in excitement about the potential for big paychecks, more time freedom, and, all the options that would give you.

Finally, the time came to actually get to work and build your business. That’s when the harsh reality set in…

I have the antidote to this state of mind in the form of a six-week crash course that will provide you with detailed instructions on how to formulate and execute a strategy and even how to operate your business day-to-day.

Trust me, I know how you feel.

After the rush of excitement for your new business, all of sudden, you’ve realized that prospecting is hard - hello, rejection! You don’t know who to listen to. Should you be selling? Should you be recruiting? To top it off, your attempts at leadership have been inconsistent and underwhelming.

The excitement, hype, and hope that once rushed through your veins has been replaced with uncertainty about how to grow your business. I bet that sometimes, it feels like you are running on luck — and every time you have some success, you have no idea how to recreate it.

You see others who are succeeding, so you know it can be done, but you have no idea how to make it work for YOU.

This lack of understanding has deeply affected your confidence, leaving you doubting your abilities, wanting to quit, and feeling confused, frustrated, embarrassed, and alone. I can solve these problems in just six weeks, and your business will grow each and every day when you being to follow my framework. I’ve been where you are now and developed the framework to help me become a seven-figure earner. I can help you do the same.

Hear this, network marketer: you are not alone
The truth is that network marketing is hard, and the success rate is low. Despite feeling like everyone around you is succeeding, a whopping
95% of those who start eventually fail!

Yet more often than not, that failure rate isn’t because of the products, the company, or the industry itself.

It’s because of the way network marketers view and treat their businesses.

Since most network marketers are new to business ownership and/or maybe building their business on the side, they view their business as a HOBBY.

Become a serious business owner and part of the 5% who SUCCEED.
Here’s the good news..
Despite the tendency of many network marketers who jump into network marketing without a solid understanding of what a successful business needs,
(and implemented quickly!)

Business ownership and network marketing is open to

I am making my very own personal business framework and the skills you need to run a successful network marketing business available to you right now.

I will provide you with dedicated and specific guidance alongside a step-by-step process so that you can learn the key fundamentals to shift your business from a haphazard hobby, to a profitable enterprise that’s built on strategy, structure, and skill.

My framework will help you DRAMATICALLY improve your chances of success in network marketing and achieve the hopes and dreams you have for your business and your life.

I know this is true because I’ve done it myself — and helped countless network marketers like you do the same.

Jerry Campisi

Multi-Million-Dollar Earner in Network Marketing


Cliff is one of the most knowledgeable and proficient leaders in the industry. Unlike most who do trainings and seminars and write manuals, books, and courses, but have never been in the trenches Cliff has actually made substantial income doing the business. He’s the real deal, and there are only a few like him in the world.

Jeff Mack

Multi-million Dollar Earner in Network Marketing


I have worked with Cliff for over 5 years and known him for over 15. Cliff is a professional with integrity and a true international networker.

His knack for setting up systems and processes help make duplication

a reality for his team.

Ellen Williams

Networker and Six-Figure Annual Income Earner,
Cliff Walker exemplifies all of the best qualities of a leader in network marketing! Cliff is a true professional, someone with incredible integrity and humility. I feel honored to work alongside and have access to a seven-figure income earner and mentor.
How I Used a Proven Framework to Become a Top Income Earner in Network Marketing
When I first got started in network marketing back in 1997, I failed pretty miserably.
I came from a successful corporate background and thought I had all the answers. My sponsor was earning $3 million a year, and I thought that if he could make $3 million doing what he was doing then I could make $6 million doing it my way! Of course...I was wrong.

What I didn’t understand was that he had a proven and predictable pattern of activities that WORKED, while I was trying to reinvent the wheel. He was running his business like a well-oiled machine and I was running mine like an unpredictable start-up.

Since I DID come from a corporate background and had seen how successful companies worked, I decided to stop doing it “my way” and start running my business strategically. I decided to stop trying to out-perform my sponsor and instead start paying attention to the specific systems and processes that were creating his results.

Thankfully, I learned very quickly and began to see amazing success. I became the top earner with my first company, a telecommunications firm called Euphony, and then went on to be the top earner in Europe with a fuel-saving company called Fuel Freedom International.

Today, I’m a Diamond Director and top income earner with Jeunesse Global — a Florida-based company that specializes in anti-aging products — as well as a coach, trainer, professional speaker, and long-time entrepreneur who helps people transition from the corporate grind to entrepreneurial freedom.

Along the way, I’ve developed and honed a business-building framework that I know is responsible for my success — and I know it can help you, too.

You don’t need more excitement, hype, and hope – you’ve got plenty of that already.

You need an action plan, centered around proven techniques that produce tangible results. They can all be yours, today, by clicking the button below.
You need a STRATEGY SYSTEM and PROVEN PROCESSES that form a long-term, sustainable plan to run your businesses.
When you have this, you can pass it on and create killer team members, who will succeed, no matter what type of personality they have. This is the structure that creates a long-term, sustainable, and thriving business — and provides the much-needed confidence both you and your team need for success.

After more than twenty years, I’m still as passionate about network marketing as I was in the beginning. The opportunity for life-changing income is still absolutely HUGE.
What I want you to know is that if you have the right attitude, have a process to develop the required skills, and are willing to put in the time and effort using my business-building framework, you CAN develop a successful business — no matter how much you’re struggling right now.

My mission is to teach you my tried-and-tested that you can transform your business, grow a loyal and engaged network of distributors and customers, and see the life-changing income you’ve been dreaming of.

Ready to learn how?
Ready to learn how to succeed?

From Striving to Thriving: A Network Marketing Framework to Help You Grow Like A Pro
From Striving to Thriving is a 6-week online course that will teach you the fundamentals you need to transform your network marketing business into an actual business — one that’s run consistently and strategically and is structured for success.
As part of From Striving to Thriving, you’ll receive:
Six Learning Modules
To lead you step-by-step through creating a business framework for your business
19 Tools
To help you dig deeper into what you’re learning in the course
Six Accountable Steps
To help you implement what you’ve learned into your network marketing business
Module 1:
Business Foundation
We’ll kick off the course by discussing the most important part of your network marketing business or ANY business — the foundation on which it sits! You’d never build a housee without a foundation, and you shouldn’t do it with your business either.

In Module One, we’ll explore your personal core values — the things in life and business that are the most important to you — as well as the purpose that drives your business and the vision you hold for where you want it to go. By the end of this module, you’ll have a rock-solid foundation that will direct your path, keep you motivated, and give you something to hold onto when challenges come up.

In this module, we’ll use the following tools:

Identifying Your Core Values Worksheet to help you pinpoint what values are most important to you

How to Write A Business Purpose Guide so you can define and describe why you’re running and your business and what you want to get out of it

Create a Vision Board Exercise to help you identify and craft the vision for your business with a powerful vision board tool you can look at every day

Module 2:
The Core Skills Of Network Marketing
In Module Two, we’ll explore the core skills every network marketer needs to know, use, and hone in order to effectively run and grow their business and establish a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

You’ll identify which skills you’re good at, which skills you need to build, and which one skill needs to be developed first. We’ll discuss the key resources — both tangible and intangible — you need to gather and apply to your business to be successful, streamline your processes, and see problems before they start. We’ll also explore the key relationships you need to establish to fill your pipeline with new customers, build a top-notch team, and have access to a support network that can positively contribute to your growth.

In this module, we’ll use the following tools:
Identify Your Core Business and Personal Skills Worksheet to pinpoint what skills you’ve got and what skills you need to build

Identify Key Resources Guide that outlines the tangible and intangible resources you need to successfully and efficiently run your business

Who are Your Key Relationships? List that shows the positive partnerships you have who may be allies to your business and its growth

Life Priorities Worksheet

Module 3:
Who Is Your Market And How Do You Reach Them
In Module Three, we’ll dive deep into your market and identify the segment of people in your world whom you believe are most likely to purchase your product or service.

Doing so will help you attract high-quality leads, speak directly to their needs, and build deeper customer loyalty. We’ll then create a 12-month plan that will allow you to prospect and operate your business strategically, as well as allow you to acquire the resources you need, prioritize the action steps to take, and be sure you’re making forward motion toward success.

In this module, we’ll use the following tools:
Define Your Target Market Worksheet to identify the segment of people you want to target in your business

Business Plan Example Reference to help you create a business plan of your own

Module 4:
Consistent Action Creates Sustainable Success
In Module Four, we’ll discuss the importance of having a daily method of operation, the daily actions you complete each day to keep you on track to achieve your goals, build a solid business, and start (or keep) making the money you want to make.

You’ll learn how to manage your time, choose the right technology to support your operation and your goals, and invest in the right tools to prospect more effectively, make better business decisions, and maximize your growth.

In this module, we’ll use the following tools:
Time Self-Assessment and Questions for Reflection to help you see how you’re spending your time and areas for improvement

Recommended Technology Reference to help you run your home-based business as effectively as possible

Recommended Tools Reference to tackle your daily plan with more efficiency and ease

Module 5:
The Power Of Planning and Prospecting Right
Module Five is all about planning! We’ll develop a daily plan of action that will help you dedicate more time to your most important activities, track your time to see which activities are producing actual income and see where distractions or roadblocks are creeping in.

We’ll also explore the single daily action that you simply MUST get down to move your business forward. Then, we’ll move on to prospecting, where you’ll learn a system that will help you attract the customers and team members you most want to reach, uncover the prospecting channel(s) that yield the best results and build a team that supports you and others in achieving their goals. We’ll end the module by discussing follow-up and how to establish communication with your prospects that lasts long-term.

In this module, we’ll use the following tools:
Daily Planning and Single Daily Action Guide to establish your own daily and single daily action plan

Daily Planner with Single Daily Action Worksheet to help you map out each day

How to Create an Action Plan for Prospecting to help you begin prospecting consistently and effectively

Template for Creating Your Follow-Up System to help you start following up with your prospects like a pro

Module 6:
Building Your Business through Promoting, Enrolling and Consuming
In our final module, we’ll discuss three of the most crucial areas of building a network marketing business: promoting, enrolling, and consuming products.

You simply can’t have a network marketing business without them! You’ll learn how to create and implement an effective model for promoting your products that will lead to a continuous stream of new customers, as well as how to attract and enroll new distributors effectively and efficiently onto your team. We’ll end the module by exploring how to powerfully consume the products you sell so that you’re able to show enthusiasm and support for your products and your company, provide expertise to those you’re marketing to, and best match your products and services to the wants and needs of your prospects.
In this module, we’ll use the following tools:
Craft Your Promotion Process Worksheet to help you design a promotion that will work best for your market

Identify Potential Business Partners Worksheet to pinpoint who you’d love to work with and who’d be great on your team

Write Your Product Stories Worksheet to help you share your success stories with your products in a way that will resonate with others and pique their interest


From Striving to Thriving is already PACKED with value that will help you transform your network marketing business, but when you join now you’ll also receive the following BONUS…

The Complete Framework of the 6 Master Tasks for Successful Network Marketing

Learn the rest of the framework for successful network marketing in this bonus video module, including the critical master tasks of personal growth and training, team development and leadership, and culture.

That’s a lot of value!
Need a recap?
From Striving to Thriving: A Network Marketing Framework to Help you Grow like a Pro

6 video teaching modules

19 Tools

6 actionable steps

1 value-packed bonus

Ready to become a network marketer that uses a proven framework to build and grow a long-term, sustainable network marketing business consistently and strategically?

No matter what package you purchase, your experience starts immediately once you click the “Join Now” button below, where you’ll be taken to our secure checkout. When you register, you’ll receive an email confirming your registration, as well as instructions on how to access your learning portal. If you have questions along the way, our team is here to help you get access to the content and ensure you get the most out of the program!

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Lyn Flaherty

Network Marketing Professional

" Having over 30 years of sales experience, I’ve had the opportunity to be trained and mentored by those who are knowwn to be some of the most influential and successful leaders in the industry… ".
Moni Aurora
Entrepreneur and Network Marketing Professional
" I have had the pleasure of knowing Cliff as a colleague, a mentor and a close friend. His relentless drive and vision could climb the tallest mountain and take a million people with him. If you are… "
Steve Mitchell

Multi-million Dollar Earner in Network Marketing

" Cliff was one of my original mentors, and has turned into one of my lifelong friends. Much of what I know about this business, and the considerable success I have enjoyed, I attribute to Cliff’s… "
15-Day Money-Back Guarantee
You can dive straight into the course for 15 days and experience the power of finally bringing your business to life. if you are not satisfied with the results, you can request a refund within 15 days. This entire program is designed to help you put the knowledge that you’re learning into action. You will be asked to share your implementation and results in the program to qualify for a refund.
Frequently Asked Questions
When will I have access to the material?
You’ll have immediate access to Module One, as soon as you join the program. The remaining modules will be released each week. You will have forever access to the course materials.
How much time should we set aside per week?

Every individual will go at their own pace, but you should expect to set aside 2-3 hours per week to complete each module.

How do I ask questions or get feedback during the program?
Submit your questions for email Q&A (if included in your plan) via email to
How long is the program?

The program is 6 modules spread over 6 weeks

Questions about Next Steps?

You can reach out to our team directly by clicking the live chat button on the right or send us an email

Network marketing CAN be a source of great income and it CAN be your path to financial freedom... but only if you run your business like a pro.
If you think of any stable, successful businesses you know, they all have one thing in common:

They follow a consistent and strategic framework to build and sustain their growth.

They don’t have haphazard strategies they only use them once in a while…

They don’t expect to be successful without using and honing the right skills…

And they don’t dream of growing a team around them without learning how to train them well.

Every successful business you know has a solid foundation, systems, and processes they follow, and the right partnerships that will help them grow.

YOUR network marketing business requires the same.

You can continue to run your business like a hobby, but the chances are great you’ll eventually quit...because part-time attention doesn’t produce full-time, sustainable results.

The potential for network marketing is HUGE — as huge as you initially saw it to be — but that potential is only realized if you work your business like a business.

When you do and begin to follow a framework and grow the skills you need to succeed, you’ll be on the road to build a thriving, sustainable business that has the ability to change your income, your options, and your life.

Nothing changes until you make the change — and From Striving to Thriving will show you how.
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